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Why Choose Samson Hire?

Why Choose Samson Hire?

What is a portable light tower hire?


Versatile light tower hire is a transitory, convenient lighting arrangement, offering expanded visibility for a scope of outside and modern site applications, including mining, roadwork’s, development projects and outdoors functions.


Quality light tower hire in Melbourne


Have you been looking for a solid, moderate provider of lighting hardware to help your development venture? You’re in acceptable hands with Samson Hire! Their light tower hire all through Melbourne are intended to meet the substantial needs of the development business. They produce enough light to enlighten a huge region and are fuel-economical.



Why pick portable lighting towers from Samson hire?


  • All the light tower hire the gracefully are powerful, dependable and safe. In the event that you pick a light tower hire from Samson Hire you’ll see it powerful and productive.
  • They offer two of the best impermanent lighting arrangements accessible available, the two of which ensure an enlightened zone and which consequently activate once the sensors detect faint lighting.
  • Their X-ECO portable light tower hire has various natural advantages and wellbeing angles. The units include an outer crisis stop button, a completely bunded fuel tank, four tallness customizable stabilizers and site levels for direction during the arrangement.
  • The innovation in the lighting units takes into account the greatest fuel efficiency and dependability with an underlying generator run-season of 300 hours.
  • Their grand model, mains-controlled light tower hire is unmistakably appropriate for on-location work.
  • They can offer lighting towers employ contingent upon your buy requirements.


Highlights of light tower hire


  • 4000 Watts of light from 4*1000 watt metal halide lights
  • Kubota motor and 6kW generator
  • Nine meters broadened stature tower
  • Electrifies tower is three hundred and fifty-nine degrees rotatable
  • Calm activity


Size of light tower hire


  • Light Tower
  • 80m Long x 2.20m Wide x 2.60m High*


*Sizes and highlights may change


Melbourne’s most believed Samson Hire Company for versatile light tower hires significantly more


They realize that their clients are all extraordinary, each with various requires for this kind of gear. Accordingly, they’ve tried to stock a huge scope of decisions that are appropriate to various situations. Browse everything including convenient traffic signals light tower hire that makes it a lot simpler to control traffic during development and much more. In the event that you might want guidance on what things would turn out best for your necessities, they are glad to help.


As a roadwork gear employ a business, Samson Hire has become the biggest VMS hire master in Melbourne. Alongside the variable message signs, we likewise furnish our important clients with a wide assortment of gear for roadworks and traffic the executives including bolt sheets, traffic signals, and light tower hire and speed warning signs.


At Samson Hire, you can employ our gear day by day, week after week or month to month with unique rates accessible for long haul enlist.

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