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The Negative Side Of Our Media

The Negative Side Of Our Media

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Everyone has heard that everything comes with the positive and negative aspects, nearly everything. For example you buy a knife, you would buy it to cut fruits and vegetables but it can also be used to cause violence. Similarly Social media that we use daily in our lives to access different things like pictures, social media videos and news also have a negative impact on everyone’s lives, there are many reports submitted to the government on the topic of cybercrimes, invasion of privacy and piracy issues. Social media is yet very helpful in many cases, but sometimes it can act opposite of that, it depends who is using this technology and we trust the organization that we give our data to. We are offered many services free of cost but in return we are asked to provide our data to make that service work and we have to agree to their policies, sometimes it is relevant like Google, you use their services, there is somehow very downside risk in Google but you should always check because this is internet. You should always seek trustworthy organization, protect yourself from viruses and privacy issues.


Cybercrimes is at an increase in social media there are many aspects why this is caused, mainly carelessness in users, you must not believe anything you see online, most of them just turn to be scam, they ask your information then nothing happens and this can lead to black mail or selling of your information to others. Social media videos in sydney that are posted and then turn out to be fake are also a cybercrime which can cause trouble to users, like threat messages and etc. Cyber-Crime include cyber bullying, scams, illegal services online and etc. Spy wares are also common which you can get by download files or accessing in trustable services online, these spywares are mainly operated by the government to track your activity in search for any illegal means.

Privacy Issues:

Privacy issues lead by cybercrimes are also common, which are initiated by accessing un-trustable services, social media videos are also involved in this, through some video links you could get in trouble by the attacker, who can steal your IP if you visit their website in search of videos. Privacy is very important where most of your record is stored online, our bank account details, emails, phone calls, messages and passwords.


Since many years one problem remains unsolved, which is no other than piracy, it couldn’t be stopped, the pirated software suppliers earn money through ad revenue where many users visit the sites to download things free of cost benefiting both themselves and the supplier, it is an illegal act, piracy therefore couldn’t be stopped because there are uncountable pirated websites. Piracy causes many companies loss of billions of dollars, where games, movies, software and videos are pirated every day.

The conclusion is that social media is very important in our lives but can also cause many problems through different aspects, though we should remain cautioned and be careful while surfing online and take necessary steps like usage of VPN and antivirus software, but most importantly we shouldn’t believe anything on the internet, not only message but also social media videos which can turn out to be a clickbait.For more information please click here.

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